The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is leaving no stone unturned to enable the young brains to excel in the field of Technology as well as Software Engineering. Special focus is on overall personality development of the individual student and providing Industrial orientation to them. The Department is working towards imparting the latest trends of technological Knowledge and honing the young minds to become Quality Engineers to be readily absorbed by the Industries. As many as young and dynamic staff members are putting in their best efforts and ideas to achieve the best results and make them viable in the present scenario of competitive world. The Department of CSE had 60 seats in the initial year of 2008-09, but now it has risen to 120. The Department seeks to combine excellence in education with service to the industry. Our vision is to be recognized as innovative and leading Technology Department. Our goal is to provide students with a balance of intellectual and practical experiences that enable them to serve a variety of societal needs.

The CSE Department has sufficient faculty members who are qualified in SLET/NET and also expertise in their research including Network security, Data Mining, Mobile Communication, Computer forensics, Embedded systems and .NET technologies.

AAVARTHAN is a nonprofit Students’ association who are dedicated to promote latest technologies in Software. It provides students with an opportunity to study, research and network in the technical arena. The organization’s activities include academic conferences, publications, the global coordination of students organizations.

The Department seeks to combine excellence in education with service to the industry. Our vision is to be recognized as innovative and leading Computer Science Department. Our goal is to provide students with a balance of intellectual and practical experience that enable them to serve a variety of societal needs. In our department students are nurtured to become best software professionals as project Manager. System Analysts or Team leaders in Industry or become Entrepreneurs in their own innovative way.

HOD Profile

Dr.B.Bhanu Prakash
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Vision Of The Department

To achieve academic excellence and to build the leaders with escalating multi – skilled professionals in Computer Science & Engineering with global competence empowered by technical expertise with in-depth knowledge, innovative research and the knowledge of cutting edge technologies, lifelong learning, promoting employability, higher education with socio-ethical, eco-friendly and entrepreneurial values for rural youth.

Mission Of The Department

To impart quality technical education and to develop the learners as leaders in Computer Science & Engineering with fundamental engineering principles with intellectually adept and professionally deft, innovative research capabilities and exemplary skills and competence to conduct to lead and to use technology for the progress of mankind, training and adopting them to changing technological environment by providing the high quality instruction, infra, faculty, training, modern teaching and learning methods imbibing the socio-ethical and entrepreneurial values as the inner strength.


    1.Preparation:The learners of computer Science and Engineering can be able to apply the knowledge of Mathematics, Applied Science, Computing, Basic Engineering field to identify, analyze, formulate, design, simulate and develop the practical solutions for hardware and software problems in industry and academia.

    2. Core Competence: To enable the learners with core curriculum knowledge in theory and practical experiments of computer Science and Engineering to develop the innovative skills in design, simulation, investigation of complex problems, critical reasoning, development and testing knowledge for offering solutions to real life problems related to globally evolving techno-corridor requirements of computer Science and Engineering Field.

    3. Breadth Knowledge: To provide the learners with breadth knowledge to build the Computer Science and engineering professionals to have the team work and skills for developing communicative abilities, lifelong learning, and aptitude of project management, finance with entrepreneurial values for rural development.

    4. Advanced Professional knowledge: To practice using a system of multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary approach to develop R&D skills by MOUs with premier industries and institutions interacting with training sessions and industrial visits for the learners to have awareness on the latest trends, Modern software tools and programming techniques of Computer Science and Engineering to cater the escalating needs of society.

    5. Career Development and ethics: To build the learners with the aptitude of competitive knowledge of real time requirement of cutting edge technologies by promoting employability and higher education with a blend of ethical, social and eco-friendly.


    PSO1: Ability to design and develop applications using various software tools.

    PSO2:The learners will be able to develop the knowledge of the competitive environment in success of globally acclaimed tests like GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, IES, GMAT, CAT, PSUs, and GATE etc.

CSE Department Faculty Details
S.NoName of the FacultyQualificationDesignationExperience
1Dr. B. Bhanu PrakashProfessorPh.D15
2Dr. R. Gandhi RajaProfessorPh.D16
3Mr. M. Srikanth YadavAssociate professorB.Tech, M.Tech13
4Mr. P. Naga BabuAssociate professorB.Tech, M.Tech10
5Mr. B. RameshAssociate professorB.Tech, M.Tech8.5
6Mr. T. NarendrababuAssociate professorM.Tech, (Ph.D)8.5
7Mrs. K. GayatriAssistant ProfessorB.Tech, M.Tech7.1
8Ms. P.N.Varalakshmi KAssistant ProfessorM.Tech, (Ph.D)13
9Mr. M.C.P.SahebAssistant ProfessorM.Tech, (Ph.D)18
10Mr. M. ChennakesavaraoAssistant ProfessorB.Tech, M.Tech6.6
11Mr. M. SrikanthAssistant ProfessorB.Tech, M.Tech5.9
12Mr. D. Pavan KumarAssistant ProfessorB.Tech, M.Tech5.7
13Mr. Shaik. RafiAssistant ProfessorB.Tech, M.Tech4.6
14Mrs. Sk. ShahinaAssistant ProfessorB.Tech, M.Tech2.1
15Mr. S. Anil KumarAssistant ProfessorB.Tech, M.Tech10
16Ms. Sk. ShahidaAssistant ProfessorB.Tech, M.Tech8.5
17Mr. K. Samuel BabuAssistant ProfessorB.Tech, M.Tech1
18Mr. Bolla RameshAssistant ProfessorB.Tech, M.Tech1

CSE Department Adjunct Faculty Details
S.No.Name of the Adjunct FacultyDesignation & CompanyLocation
1Mr. Andrews KumarSr.Programmer, Wipro TechBengalore
2Mr. D. Venkata SudheerCEO, DVTS PVT LtdBengalore
3Mr. G.V.Vara PrasadSr.Programmer, Prasad IT SolutionsHyderabad
4Mr. A. JaganMohanReddyTech Lead, CTSChennai
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cse timetable

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Placements for the ACADEMIC YEAR 2017-2018
S.NoCompany & Address with HR Name & Contact NoDate of Visit Job Description & SalaryTotal Students Selected
2Efftronics,Vijayawada software engineer package:1.5LPA 1
7Glenwood,Chennai 8/12/2017 package:2.4LPA2
14VEE Technologiespackage:1.8LPA3
15Paragaon digital service,Chennaipackage:1.44LPA1
20Hinduja global servicespackage:1.4Lpa 28/04/201822
Total Students Selected39

Placements for the ACADEMIC YEAR 2016-2017
S.NoName of the CompanyRoll NoOn/Off CampusPackage/anunumNo. of boysNo.of girlsTotal
1THIRD WARE13-583On3.5 L011
2TECHNOVERT13-587On3.4 L011
3VMWARE13-585On3 L011
4NTT DATA13-583Off3 L011
5AMPLUS GROUP13-512,531,551,561,582,585,586,5A5On2.4 L268
6MAINTEC13-502,504,511,521,530,562,570,571,587,589,590On1.8 L3811
Total No. of Companies:-07
Total No. of Students Selected:- 25

Placements for the ACADEMIC YEAR 2015-2016
S.NoName of the CompanyRoll NoOn/Off CampusPackage/anunumNo. of boysNo.of girlsTotal
1IVTL12NE1A0582Off4.5 L011
2TECH MAHINDRA12NE1A0516Off2.5 L011
3AXIS BANK12NE1A0577Off2.5 L101
4GLEN WOOD SYSTEMS12NE1A0559, 12NE1A05A7On2.4 L022
5GAGAN TECHNOLOGIES12 - 502-506,508,519,532,537,541,546,
On2.3 L41620
6DV TECH SERVICES12-501,504,505,510,511,513,517,520,525,527,528,
542,560,567,583,5A0, 5A5,5B7,13-503
On2.2 L281220
7CLOUD MACHINE12-512,524,540, 5B0On1.8 L134
8Excel12NE1A0523Off1.8 L011
Total No. of Companies:-08
Total No. of Students Selected:- 50

Placements for the ACADEMIC YEAR 2014-2015
S.NoName of the CompanyRoll NoOn/Off CampusPackage/anunumNo. of boysNo.of girlsTotal
1OPEN TEXT11NE1A0534Off4.4 L101
2MIND TREE11NE1A0506,11NE1A0519Off3.2 L022
3FONY11NE1A0525,11NE1A0554,11NE1A0557,11F01A0580On3.2 L044
4MPHASIS11NE1A0503,11NE1A0535Off2.5 L112
5HIVE MINDS11NE1A0520Off2.4 L101
6INYXA11NE1A0548,11NE1A0553Off2.4 L202
7SUPERFECT SOLUTIONS11NE1A0501,11NE1A0547,11NE1A0555On2.4 L213
8DHARANI INFOTECH11NE1A0514,11NE1A0543On2.4 L112
94W TECHNOLOGIES11NE1A0505,11NE1A0511,11NE1A0551On2.0 L123
10AXIUS11NE1A0528,11NE1A0532,11NE1A0550,11NE1A0556On1.8 L224
Total No. of Companies:-10
Total No. of Students Selected:- 24
Placements for the ACADEMIC YEAR 2013-2014
S.NoName of the CompanyRoll NoPackage/annumNo. of boysNo.of girlsTotal
1IBM10NE1A05333.4 L101
2CTS10NE1A0549,10NE1A0551,10NE1A05043.5 L213
3MAINTEC10NE1A0508,10NE1A0547,1.8 L202
Total No. of Companies:-3
Total No. of Students Selected:- 6

Best Faculty Awards

S.No Name Of The Faculty Designation Year Of Award
1 Mr. M.C.P.Saheb Asst.Prof. 2015-2016
2 Mr. M. Srikanth Yadav Assoc.Prof. 2014-2015
3 Mr. T. Narendra Babu Asst.Prof. 2012-2013
4 Mr. B. Ramesh Asst. Prof 2011-2012
5 Mr. Y. Kiran Babu Asst.Prof. 2011-2012
6 Mr. M.V.Pavan Kumar Assoc. Prof 2010-2011

GATE/SLET/NET Qualified Faculty

S.No Name Of The Faculty Achievement
1 Mr. B. Ramesh GATE
2 Mr. Y. Kiran Babu GATE
3 Mr. T. Narendra Babu GATE, SLET
4 Mrs. K. Gayatri GATE
5 Mr. T. Srinivasarao GATE

cse ppt cse ppt
cse results

Alumni Student Feedback

Parent Name Feedback
A.Ramakrishna Father of A.Hemanth (2015 Passed out Student) Thanks to excellent teachers and the college management providing infrastructure support. I am more happy with my child's alround development at the college.
A.Koteswara Rao Father of A.Anusha Sai (2014 Passed out Student) I am happy about the training provided to my child to complete in competitive exams as well as to get job to have career growth.
G.Chinnabbai Father of G.Brahmaiah (2015 Passed out Student) The college authority has created a very caring environment for the students to grow well and good planned. The college involves parents as much as possible.
S.No Best Practice
1 Co-operative learning is facilitated through project work, on-the-spot study
2 The courses have been diversified with new combinations of subjects. The performance assessment and feedback from students have become regular features.
3 Deputing the faculty for participation in faculty development programmes(FDP)
4 Honoring of Best Teacher
5 Conducts training classes from second year onwards for Good practice
6 Participating in extracurricular activities in the department level
7 Facilitate the process of experience based teaching-learning by practising and enhancing trainers' professional skills.
8 Conduct group discussions to the students
9 To introduce greater flexibility in the curriculum by giving more freedom of choice to learners to design their own combination of studies
10 Developing self-confidence and self-reliance to face various competitive and other professional examinations and thereby to provide greater opportunities for employment
11 To make quality education accessible to all including the under-privileged with a thrust on holistic development of learners, irrespective of caste and creed
12 Encouragement to the faculty who gives the best employee referrals
13 Announcement of rewards for GATE qualifier students
14 Competitions in student design, technical paper writing and presentation.
15 The great demand of the rural based students for the attention of the staff to copeup with their studies.
16 Requiring sound knowledge of technology development
17 Creation of awareness on the need for research to update the knowledge of the students and the staff at international standards
18 Creating an interest in research in students through individual or group research projects as part of their syllabus
19 The management extends co-operation to the staff to go IITs and NITs for paper presentation and send proposals to UGC to avail travel grant.
20 Rewards of teachers are based on their achievements in research