As a centre of intense intellectual inquiry the library envisions to become vibration learning centre while providing intense intellectual enquiry. It would strive to maintain dynamic equilibrium with its social and economic environment striving continuously for excellence in technological service. Library, an intellectual asset to institutions, is a power grid illumining innumerable minds. In keeping with its status, the Library of Tirumala Engineering College is housed in a well ventilated, spacious building with centralized Air-conditioning. The 21381 volumes which include text books, reference and general books, and dissertations are all orderly perched in steel racks, readily accessible to their users. A sum of R s . One Lakh is earmarked every year to subscribe for 58 national and 14 international journals. The Library is ideally furnished with comfortable seating arrangement gender wise.

tec library

Library Timings

8.00 AM - 8.00 PM

Circulation(9.00 AM - 4.30 PM)

Reference(9.00 AM - 6.00 PM)

No. Of Titles
No. Of Volumes
Computer Science & Engineering 1082 5326
3 Electronics & Communications Engineering 513 4097
4 Electrical & Electronics Engineering 420 2982
6 Mechanical Engineering 293 2741
7 Civil Engineering 299 1951
8 Applied Science & Humanities 922 4284
1Journal of information knowledge & research in Computer engineering
2Journal of Digital Information Management
3Journal on Cloud computing
4Journal on Computer Science
5IUP Journal of Computer Sciences
6Journal of Computer Science
7International Journal of Emerging Trends in Science & Technology
8International Journal of Knowledge Based Computer System
9Journal of Network and Information Security
10Int.Jrn. of System Assurance Engineering & Mgt.
12Progress in Machines and Systems
13Innovative ACR (Journal on Air- conditioning and Refrigeration)
14Journal of Mechanical Engineering
15Journal on Material Science
16IUP Journal of Mechanical Engineering
17Series- D (Metallurgical Material science Mining Engineering
18Series-C ( Mechanical, Aerospace & Production Engineering)
19Recent Trends in Mechanical Engineering & Technology
20International Journal of Advanced in Thermal Sciences and Engineering
21International Journal of Fluid Mechanics
22International Journal of Materials, Manufacturing and Optimization (IJMMO)
23Journal of Information knowledge & research in Electrical Engineering
24Power Engineering Journal
25Journal on Circuits & System Engineering
26Journal on Electrical Engineering
27Journal on power system Engineering
28IUP Journal of Electrical electronic Engineering
29Series –B (Electrical, Electronics, Computer Engineering
30Asian Journal of Electrical Sciences
31IUP Journal of Electrical electronic Engineering
32IETE Journal of Education
33IETE Journal of Research
34IETE Technical Review
35Journal on Communication Engineering & systems
36Journal on Digital Signal Processing
37International Journal of Computer and Electronics Engineering
38International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering
39International Journal of Electrical Engineering and Embedded Systems (IJEEE)
40International Journal of Electronics Engineering
41International Journal of Electronics, Computing and Engineering Education
42International Journal of Electronics, Electrical and Communication Engineering
43International Journal of Micro and Nano Electronics, Circuits and Systems
44International Journal of Micro and Nano Systems
45Journal of Microengineering & Nanoelectronics
46Civil Engineering and Construction Review
47Series –A (Civil, Archi, Environ & Agricultural Engineering)
48Journal of Construction Engineering, Technology & Management
49Recent Trends in Civil Engineering & Technology
50Journal of Structural Engineering and Management
51International Journal of Construction Engineering and Planning
52International Journal of Concrete Technology
53International Journal of Civil Engineering (IJCE)
54Journal of Chemical Sciences
55Current Science
56Pramana Journal of Physics
57International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics
58Journal of Environmental Science Research International
1Spectrum, IEEE
2Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, IEEE Transactions on
3Industrial Electronics Magazine, IEEE Format: Electronic
4Instrumentation and Measurement Subscription, IEEE Transactions on
5Microelectromechanical Systems, Journal of
6Computers, IEEE Transactions on
7Circuits and Systems, Part I: Regular Papers, IEEE Transactions on
8Control Systems Magazine, IEEE
9Electromagnetic Compatibility Magazine, IEEE
10Power Electronics Magazine, IEEE
11Potentials Magazine, IEEE
12Mechatronics, IEEE/ASME Transactions on
13Robotics and Automation Magazine, IEEE
14Very Large Scale Integration Systems, IEEE Transactions on
1Competition Success Review
2Electrical India
3Electronics Bazaar
4Electronics For You
5Employment News
7India Today
8Open Source For You
9P C Quest
10Science Reporter
12University News

Special Servies

OPAC (online public access catalogue)

This service enables the students anywhere in the campus, to know online whether a particular book is readily available for issue or what its status is, before they go to the library for borrowing. Search can also be made for a particular title, author or publisher.

DELNET membership

DELNET is a cross country Library network service. It is the hub for a variety of services. This network collects, stores, and disseminates information about valuable books and reading material .It enables the authorized students and staff to locate and browse any book or paper they want, and obtain a copy of it by writing to DELNET.

IEEE Membership and students chapter

The college has taken membership of IEEE and formed an association with membership to staff and students representing various branches. This international chapter furnishes, from time to time, valuable information about the conduct of international workshops and seminars. It accepts papers and presentations for publication in international magazines, if found worthy.

NPTEL :( National programme on technical enhanced learning).

This programme, collaboration between Ministry of Human Resource Department and IIT Madras, provides to engineering colleges video lectures by IIT Professors on various subjects free of cost. Staff and students can have free access.

Digital Library

This is a unique service providing access to 3.72 Lakh video lectures, quiz programmes, research papers, animations and lectures by eminent academicians across the world. The students can view and hear them sitting anywhere in the campus. Important material, partly or whole, can be downloaded free of cost. This service can be made available to 3000 computers simultaneously.

SC/ST Book Bank

Library provides a additional book bank service for SC/ST students. For more details please contact Librarian or Library Circulation counter.

Reprographic service

Photo copying facility is available in the Library for both staff and students at confessional charges.

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